Naushad Parpia

From the heart of Bombay to the bustling streets of New York City, Naushad Parpia has carved a distinct mark with his relentless work ethic and a vision to reshape the business world.

Early Life and Education

Making the United States his new home at just eight, the entrepreneurial flair in Parpia was ignited by watching his parents sow the seeds of their business dream. Fast forward to 2011, he adorned his academic hat, completing his Finance and Information Systems studies at the University of Virginia. His reverence for timeless wisdom led him to the pages of various autobiographies, seeking growth through the experiences of others.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Success

Naushad's belief in active participation and dedication was palpable early on. At the tender age of 14, he embarked on his first business venture in e-commerce. His journey into adulthood witnessed the inception of two significant entities – Plative, where he donned the role of Founder and Chairman, and Earthside Farms, with him at the forefront as CEO. These endeavours weren't just business pursuits but were rooted in creating a tangible impact on the community. Plative's consistent recognition on the Inc 5000 list is a testament to his commendable leadership. Yet, amidst these milestones, his zeal remains undiminished, pushing him to explore newer horizons.

Hobbies and Personal Pursuits

Parpia delves into various personal interests when he steps away from his corporate commitments. He exhibits keen intrigue in longevity science and healthspan, reflecting his long-term vision in both personal and professional spheres. His eclectic musical affinities, spanning from Bad Bunny's beats to Keane's harmonies, paint a picture of his broad-ranging tastes.

Wellness, for him, is a non-negotiable. He's committed to fitness routines encapsulating cardio and strength, ensuring holistic well-being. His gastronomic adventures explore the unique flavours of Ethiopian and Vietnamese culinary arts, while his dietary preferences lean green for health, sustainability, and ethical reasons.

Amidst the rigours of Naushad's daily life, water offers a tranquil refuge. Be it steering through the waters of Puerto Rico or basking beside the ocean, these serene interludes offer respite and reflection.

A Vision for the Future

Beyond his entrepreneurial feats, his aspirations are steeped in benevolence. He envisions establishing a foundation, channelling profits from his businesses to tackle pivotal concerns like climate change and animal welfare. This foresight resonates with his unwavering commitment to the greater good.

Naushad Parpia's life narrative exemplifies the profound impact one individual's dedication, the continuous quest for knowledge, and altruistic intent can have, influencing not only their trajectory but also the wider community.